Salesforce Admin

Salesforce CRM Admin and Developer training and certification in Hyderabad, India

Who can Learn Salesforce?

Many people asking me this question that who can learn Salesforce CRM admin training. Very good question actually. CRM means Customer Relationship Management, means every business should have their office place, products or services, customers, profits, loss, employees, right? This doesn’t apply only for software. Almost every business having these basic things. So, in order to deal with your customers we need CRM. So friends, if you have any fears on Salesforce CRM, please avoid them because Anybody can learn this technology. Such a wonderful tool which is giving software job opportunity to everyone. Some of my friends from degree background, Sceince, political, MBA, commerce etc,. students are also cracking jobs on this technology.

Where Can I Learn Salesforce in Hyderabad?

I can suggest some of the good institutes below:

Capital Info Solutions is one of the famous institute to learn Salesforce online training Admin + Developer program because here the main faculty is Mr. Satish Myla. Satish Sir is very insightful and knowledgeable in teaching. And Capital Info Solutions is not just a single person running institute. It is company, they have a good staff for front desk and other helping things. Practically I saw that Capital Info Solutions is one of the best Institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.


    • Common business issues faced by companies today
    • How CRM can help?
    • What CRM brings to business?
    • Common business issues faced by companies today
    • How CRM can help?
    • What CRM brings to business?
    • Evolution of CRM
    • Business value What is CRM?
    • of CRM
    • What CRM means to you as a user?
    • Customers benefiting from CRM
    • A view of available of CRM products from IT industry
    • Compare CRM with other CRM products

Sales Overview

• Overview of products
• Sales cloud and jigsaw
• Service cloud and Remedyforce
• Social Chatter and Radian6
• Custom,, Heroku
• App exchange
• Editions and pricing

Service Cloud Concepts Create Case

• Researching and Resolving Cases
• Communicating the Outcome
• Automate case management
• Capturing and associating cases efficiently
• Helping customers helping themselves
• Improving productivity
• Manage Cases


• User Security and Authentication
• Session Security Network
• Security Security Tokens
• Data Security

Standard Objects

• Account
• Person Account
• Contact
• Lead
• Campaign
• Opportunity
• Quote
• Product and Price Bank
• Case
• CRON Trigger

Managing Users

• Profiles
• Roles
• Groups
• Queues
• Permission Sets

Securing and Sharing Data

• Object-Level Security
• Field- Level Security
• Record-Level Security
• Field Accessibility
• Record Types

Automate Business Process with Workflow Developing Approval Processes

• Formulas
• Syntax
• Object Formulas
• Where Do I Use Them? • Workflows &Business Rules
• Visualforce
• Limitations
• Best Practices
• Predefined Function and experiment

Going Global

• Divisions
• Locale
• Currencies
• Advanced currency Management
• Translating the User Interface
• Import
• Export

Using Analytics

• Running Dynamic Reports
• Custom Report Types
• Dashboards
• Analytic Snapshots

Overriding Link, Tabs and Label Sending Mass Email Importing Data

• Import Data wizard
• APEX Data Loader
• From Command Prompt

Monitoring your Org

• Debug Logs
• Email Logs
• Login History
• View Setup Audit Trail
• Time-based Workflow
• Scheduled Job
• Outbound Messages
• Apex Job Queue
• Import Queue
• Mass Email Queue
• Case Escalation Rule Queue
• Entitlement Process Queue
• Bulk Data Load Jobs