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Introduction to ESB

Course Agenda

Mulesoft Overview

            Introduction to Anypoint Studio and Aypoint Platform

Introduction to Anypoint runtime environment

Mule Basics

Installation of Anypoint Studio and Mulesoft Server. Signup for Anypoint    Platform.

Implementing Hello world Program in MuleSoft

Understanding how mule flow works flow internally

Overview about Mule Events and Processor.

Loggers in Mulesoft

Read and Write payload, attributes and variables using the Dataweave 2.0

Create Inventory API and using Object Store.

Using properties files and configuration.

Structure Mule applications using flows, subflows.

Create and reference flows and subflows

  Encapsulate global elements in a separate configuration file

Explore the files and folder structure of a Mule project

Debug Mule applications


Dataweave 2.0 Basics

Complex transformations using Dataweave

Writing Dataweave Transformations.

Introducing API-led connectivity and application networks

System Layer

Process Layer

Experience Layer

Role of Mulesoft in API-Led Connectivity

Designing API’s

Define an API with RAML, the Restful API Modeling Language

Mock an API to test its design before it is built

Create a portal for developers to learn how to use an API

Make an API discoverable by adding it to the private Exchange

Integrating with Connectors.

  Consuming SOAP Webservice using Webservice Consumer

Consuming Restful services using HTTP Request

Integrate with MySQL Database using Database Connector.

Integrate with Active MQ using JMS Connector.

Integrate with File system using File Connector.

  Integrate with Gmail using Email Connector.

Integrate with Salesforce System using Salesforce Connector.

Exception Handling in Mulesoft

Describe the different types of exception handling mechanisms.

Create and use global exception handlers

Implementing On Error Continue and On Error Propagate.

Externalizing properties and Domains

Externalizing configuration and migrating between environments

Sharing Configuration among multiple applications using domains

Standalone Deployments

Stand Alone deployment in Local.

Automatic deployment using maven plugin.

Overview about CloudHub Environment.

            Deploying applications in CloudHub.

Configuring applications in CloudHub and Alerts creation.

 Testing Mule flows using MUnit

MUnit Testing Overview.

  Implementing MUnit Test for Mulesoft flows.





SVN/GIT (Source Control System/Repository)

Maven (Build Tool)

Jenkins (CI/CD)


Course Conclusion

Providing Real Time Project scenario for practice.

Mulesoft Course Material

Mulesoft Interview Questions.

Preparation for Mulesoft Certification.